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Easy Search: Joomla 1.5 için uyumlu olan Easy Search bileşeni sayesinde Menu Yönetimi, Makale Yönetimi, Bölüm Yönetimi, Kategori Yönetimi, Front Page Yönetimi ve Modul Yönetimi daha da kolaylaşacak. Eğer kullacılarınız site üzerinde bir yazı yada şablon değiştirmek istiyorsa ek bir bileşen bilmeleri yada kullanmaları gerekmez. Easy Search ile onlara bunu kolaylıkla sunabilirsiniz.

Easy Search
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Easy Search: Menu Manager, Article Manager, Section Manager, Category Manager, Front Page Manager and Module Manager... If your clients just wanna change some sentences on their website after you made the template for them, they don't really need to know which manager they have to use after installing this component. You can let them find what they wanna edit easily with "Easy Search"! For developers this component is also useful to know if a part of website is made of module, article or something else. They don't need to ask their coworker what it is with "Easy Search"!. I just copied the program of Module Manager to make this component, which should be easy to customize if you know PHP. And I made this because I could not find a similar extension on this website. Did someone already make it before I did...? NOTICE: This component can include a component to search its title and content. To make that happen you need to add a record to the table #__easysearch_include_tables. As an example I put a few records to the table to enable to search the component Polls. The way I implemented the future may not fit to some components to jump to its edit screen and I may start fixing it if I found it.